ART GALLERY Ranjit’s SVAASÁ is a collector’s delight; where in every space an artistic style is portrayed and celebrated.

Restored & beautified by Rama Ranjit Mehra - the lady of the house, it offers a harmonious balance between the warm and familiar of an old haveli and the luxury and serenity of a boutique spa. Decadent arches and high ceilings. 18-inch thick walls of Nanak-Shahi bricks. Art deco inspired floorings from the 1930’s. Antique furniture. Regal tapestries. And a plethora of artifacts lend traditional style to the contemporary services.

Rama, an interior architect and an oil painter, and Vishhal Chand, a self taught artist with a training from Central Saint Martins’, London constantly adorn and play with the moods of Ranjit’s SVAASÁ. His handsome pieces from the 'Swan Collection' and the thereafter 'Bull Collection' hang across the haveli, with a few from his previous 'Untitled Collection' yet concurrent.

In the midst of the charming & noble brush strokes of its predecessors, every generation has added their personal flair to the haveli bringing colour to a timeless canvas rich in emotions and beauty.

A legacy of which they stand proud.