COFFEE SHOP Eating at Ranjit’s SVAASÁ is truly a homely affair and the food is wholesome and delicious.

After all, it’s Rama Ranjit Mehra’s endeavour to serve healthy. Organic, as much as possible, is procured and brought over to the SVAASÁ Kitchen to be cooked without the use of refined oil by the chefs. Pure desi ghee, sarso ka tel (mustard oil) and olive oil are the only mediums used for cooking. Healthy cooking practices are incorporated and a number of condiments are freshly prepared and served on a regular basis. Dishes that you would not have often seen, heard and tasted, but nonetheless are authentic to the Punjabi palate and popular to each season are served.

It’s no surprise if what’s on your plate has been whipped up by the twin Abhimanyu. His eclectic creations are mouth watering. It’s a pity his heavy work schedule doesn’t give him enough time to play in the kitchen, but you’ll be lucky if he does so during your stay at Ranjit’s SVAASÁ. (Put in a word that you’ve heard about his cooking and he might just oblige you).

Why bore yourself with restricted service when you’re on a holiday. We happily serve all across the haveli. So if you’re sitting comfortably on the terrace outside your room or the courtyard, or wish to sip your organic beverage lounging by the sun deck patio or catch some sun on the roof; we’ll serve you with ease.

You will enjoy our personal service as we enjoy looking after you.

Opening Hours

The Terrace Cafe is open for lunch and high tea from noon till 6pm. For lunch, on request the a-la-carte menu is provided along with a choice of beverages and mocktails created at SVAASA.

Dining Hours: 12:00pm to 6:00pm


To reserve any of these areas for a private group for dinner or a conference please contact the front desk at