Nestled in the arms of its own distinct personality, SVAASÁ pleasantly defies the clichéd interpretation of a Spa, where wellbeing seeps deeper into the skin and goes back home with you to stay. What were once the cowsheds and the horse stables to this intimate heritage boutique haveli dating back to over 200 years, have been articulately restored and stylized to offer four thoughtful therapy chambers. Be that as it may, the wellness & pampering does not confine itself at Ranjit’s SVAASÁ. It flows freely across the haveli’s decadent arches and high ceilings.

A handsome courtyard with a marble basin, around which resting are chairs sheltered under fruit trees, invite you to break into the monotony of sipping a healing cup of organic herb & spice infusion or a health beverage as selected by you or advised by your SVAASÁ Wellness Consultant. Terraces soaking in the beauty of pipe music and the staccato of leaves slow you down to share a whimsical laugh and breathe in abundant fresh oxygen from the old tress that have witnessed history. Milk white and high, torchlight and glass windows, baked slanting roof tiles and openness marks silently the atrium for yoga-meditation-fitness training. Where above is the sky and below lies the spa haveli, penchantly glowing in the speckle of incandescent candles. Rightly said by those who have experienced Ranjit’s SVAASÁ, one can feel the heavenly ancestral aura that breathes a story lost in time but of a similar tale, to play host to the world that steps into this oasis.

Simple yet royal, quaint yet personal, understated yet comfortable are words that bathe on your tongue as you enjoy this soulful abode in your own time and space. Freshly prepared and customized therapies enriched with speciality organic / natural ingredients enrich your spa experience to greater levels of tranquility. A healing that needn’t end, nor begin, but just be with you, forever.

Ayurveda, Alternative Medicine, Accupressure, Universal Therapies, Diet & Nutrition are holistically incorporated to address your wellbeing. Gift yourself a personal reading with the SVAASÁ Wellness Consultant to scan your body balance-imbalance and advice you on your diet, nutritional supplementation, fitness regime & yoga. A bagful of botanical herbs, nutrients and oils stand proudly in the twin cabinets only to be picked up for your own wellbeing. Rama Ranjit Mehra, the lady behind Ranjit’s SVAASÁ is an eminent figure in the field of Alternate Medicine and can often be spotted advising a guest or two on the healthier way of living.

The heavens would have blessed generously for conversations are heard amongst the life-size exquisitely carved wooden Lord Krishna, the subtly raised yet prominent stone carved Lord Garuda, Goddess Saraswati from whom hails the notations of music and the reckoning Lord Shiva.

Is there any space from where the happiness of a better life and wellbeing does not pattern…...not really.