For a complete purposeful holistically balanced touch of wellness to help you achieve and sustain your optimal physical, mental & spiritual health, Ranjit’s SVAASÁ along with SVAASÁ Spa offer the following services for its guests.

Please feel free to contact the Spa Coordinator or the Front Office and book yourself for the wellness of your choice.

A 50 minute workout with a personal instructor. Synchronise your mind, body and reflexes with a session of stretching, bending and loosening your body. Exercise oxygenates body tissues and improves lymph circulation. Many body tissues derive their nutrients and get rid of their wastes through light exercise/physical activity.

For a Private Session at your preferred time, kindly contact the SVAASÁ Spa Coordinator or the Front Office.

The Private Session is charged at INR 1000/- per person, for a scheduled duration of 50 minutes. Please book in advance.