DINING & LOUNGES Eating at Ranjit’s SVAASÁ is truly a homely affair and the food is wholesome and delicious.

After all, it’s Rama Ranjit Mehra’s endeavour to serve healthy. Organic, as much as possible, is procured and brought over to the SVAASÁ Kitchen to be cooked without the use of refined oil by the chefs. Pure desi ghee, sarso ka tel (mustard oil) and olive oil are the only mediums used for cooking. Healthy cooking practices are incorporated and a number of condiments are freshly prepared and served on a regular basis. Dishes that you would not have often seen, heard and tasted, but nonetheless are authentic to the Punjabi palate and popular to each season are served.

It’s no surprise if what’s on your plate has been whipped up by the twin Abhimanyu. His eclectic creations are mouth watering. It’s a pity his heavy work schedule doesn’t give him enough time to play in the kitchen, but you’ll be lucky if he does so during your stay at Ranjit’s SVAASÁ. (Put in a word that you’ve heard about his cooking and he might just oblige you).

Why bore yourself with restricted service when you’re on a holiday. We happily serve all across the haveli. So if you’re sitting comfortably on the terrace outside your room or the courtyard, or wish to sip your organic beverage lounging by the sun deck patio or catch some sun on the roof; we’ll serve you with ease.

You will enjoy our personal service as we enjoy looking after you.

DINING BY THE GARDEN The Dining By The Garden

It is a charming hideaway for ordering your meals. It is a beautiful marriage of interiors offering a warm comfortable experience. Soft music, dim lighting, candles and a fusion of melodious aesthetics is coupled with the impeccable level of attention designed to pamper you. And in the lovely weather of autumn and spring, the service is extended outdoors.

Our Dining By The Garden is popular for its buffet breakfasts, as also the traditional thali meals. For freshly cooked food do order in advance. Another style of service but surely ensuring your wellbeing, eating food on a 'kansa' thali is one of the healthiest things to do!

The kitchen marvels begin with the soup of the day - spinach, gourd, pumpkin, carrot and brown rice, tomato and basil…. (one couldn't have imagined that they'd taste so scrumptious!). The live tandoor offers a variety of stuffed kulchas and tandoori rotis served hot to your table and tandoori delights like tikkas and kebabs are prepared on special occasions. Traditional Punjabi food is well sought after, but we do at times surprise you with our eclectic array of world cuisine.

And this is not all, with homemade desserts as the bread pudding, the baked cinnamon apple with ice cream or even the brown rice kheer (rice pudding), you will leave only to wish you had a larger stomach!

SUN DECK PATIO The Sun Deck Patio

It is our patio breathing lovely foliage of fragrant frangipanis, finnish palms, flowering kochias, arica palms surrounding lounges waiting for your company.

In times if friendly weather, our dining experience extends outdoors under the shinning stars and the shimmer of incandescent candles. Winter & spring afternoons are a delight for the air is crisp, the sky is clear and the sun shines warmly as you laze on the deck.

A lovely spot for Punjabi folklore… ….And if the food tastes heavenly, it could be because it's from our little vegetable patch growing right beside you.

Opening Hours

The Silver Art Dining is open for a continental breakfast buffet in the morning as well as buffet dinner in the evening. For lunch, on request the a-la-carte menu is provided. During the day at any point of time, our guests can enjoy their lunch or high tea menu at any of the dining outlets including the Herbs Cafe and the Terrace Cafe.

Breakfast: 7:30am to 10am
Dinner: 8:00pm to 10:30pm


To reserve any of these areas for a private group for dinner or a conference please contact the front desk at