All living things are subject to natural patterns of eating, sleeping and other vital functions. These daily or circadian rhythms are measured by changes in body temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing, hormone and digestive secretions. Disrupting these rhythms through poor eating and lifestyle choices results in a wide range of conditions, from fatigue and emotional imbalance to intensified symptoms of insulin resistance and other chronic health problems. Anyone can achieve a full integration of natural circadian rhythms for optimum wellness, resistance to disease, and weight control with an easy to follow dietary and lifestyle programme.

At SVAASÁ, the evidence supporting the circadian prescription of therapeutic massages, diet, nutritional supplements & lifestyle is sturdy. Human bio-chemistry is rhythmic and sequential. It simply makes sense that your body will function better if given the right raw material - carbohydrate and protein - when they are needed. I wish all those who are conscious of wellbeing to gain control of their lives with the strongest motivators – knowledge and awareness. Whether you are young or old, male or female, sick or well, happy or sad, spiritually inclined or materialistic, alike or different; for improving your health and preventing illness this rhythm is practically identical to nature, you and me. All beings, with their systems in this strong synchrony, are fortunate to be rewarded by functional proficiency and longevity.

A functional approach to health supported by super foods; natural & organic vitamins, nutrients & botanical extracts; therapeutic oils & natural soaps; herbal infusions; organic & natural foods for the body, holds us all in an inescapable embrace of the rhythm of the universe; our connection to them is fundamental.

At SVAASÁ I can, with my team, keep the state of your body in balance and the circadian rhythm in synchrony by advising natural supplements & healthy lifestyle practices that tend to move in the direction of multiples.

My hands reach out to your wellbeing.
Rama Ranjit Mehra